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Growth Edge Agency, a high-end, all-inclusive appointment setup agency, empowers B2B companies to succeed by implementing an AI-assisted manual outreach approach that consistently delivers exclusive, qualified appointments with key decision-makers.

Market-Research & Decision Makers' List

Our research department excels at discovering, filtering, and verifying decision makers, constructing comprehensive lead lists for your business.

Targeted Prospecting & Follow up

Dedicated to maximizing show-up rates, our prospecting department diligently follows up to provide reminders, nurture leads, and enhance engagement.

Technical Back-End & Email Account Management

We establish the necessary technical infrastructure to ensure a predictable and consistent stream of appointment bookings.

Manual Appointment Setup

Experience a comprehensive, hassle-free appointment setup service where we handle every aspect, from the initial cold outreach to securing qualified appointments with confirmed attendance.

Outreach Strategy & Script Development

Collaboratively, our outreach department works with your sales/marketing team to develop comprehensive outreach, follow-up, script, and prospecting strategies.

Hyper-Personalization Model

In a landscape of incessant pitches bombarding executives, generic messages are easily disregarded; therefore, our foremost priority is to stand out and achieve exceptional results through an emphasis on personalization, placing quality above quantity.

Why Appointment Setup?

Liberating you from the operational demands of your business, we take charge of constructing efficient systems and outbound processes that have the potential to generate an additional million dollars in Annual Recurring Revenue.

Our comprehensive approach goes beyond offering valuable insights and identifying optimal client acquisition systems tailored to your specific offer and niche; we also take the responsibility of building and implementing these systems, along with providing a cost-effective team to manage them on your behalf.

Say goodbye to relying solely on referrals for business growth as we proactively secure appointments on your calendar, allowing you to focus solely on engaging with prospects who genuinely desire your offerings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our specialization lies in hyper-personalization, employing customized emails, LinkedIn messages, and personally-recorded videos to effectively engage decision-makers and drive successful outcomes, avoiding generic mass outreach methods.

A qualified appointment refers to a meeting where a prospect, who aligns with your Ideal Customer Profile, is a decision-maker, and demonstrates genuine interest in your services/products, actively participates.

Initiating the process typically requires around two weeks, during which we kindly request our clients to allocate a total time commitment of 3-5 hours.


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